A compilation of current music \
from Udmurtia.
First edition
Photography by Orlov V.
"Avangardnaya" Stop
1LP - 180gr -BSG-0001
The idea for the record emerged against the backdrop of digging through vinyl records in old vinyl shops in Istanbul, where a well-played record, ─░stanbul Calling, was found, representing a cross-section of various music from cosmopolitan modern Istanbul. This record served as an excellent example of how a single release could encompass ethnic Turkish music, electronics, and hip-hop.
"Avangardnaya Stop" is also a musical cross-section, reflecting only a small part of contemporary music from Udmurtia. The record features bands performing music in various genres: folk, indie, punk, and others. The record became an embodiment of an interesting collaboration between the musical and artistic industries of Udmurtia. The cover was designed by Alexey Riko, a world-renowned illustrator from Izhevsk. The tram was not randomly chosen as the central figure of the cover. Its local features are an integral part of not only the city but also the culture; one of the tracks on the record is dedicated to the seventh route, which runs through the entire city from west to east, stopping at the "Avangardnaya" stop, "Radio Adam."
Side A
  • Silent Woo Goore
    Sirata kyrzyan
  • Pushner
    Mon malpai (
  • Post-dukes
    Kuno -Pumitan
  • Garuda
    Kyldysin, yurtyt mynym
  • Bobolenin
    Ei ton
  • Polina Vanez
Side B
  • Udmurt Melancholy
    Dead Bride
  • "Owls" Ensemble
    We're Going
    In Concrete Boxes
  • Tyloburdo Bird
    Doctor Marilyn
  • teplo teplo
    Seventh Tram
illustration/COVER DESIGN @alekseyricochet
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