Nigativ - "Endurance"
Vinyl Record
Nigativ - "Endurance"
1LP - 180gr -BSG-003
"Endurance" is a special 2023 release from rap artist Nigativ, issued on vinyl. Including the artist's favorite tracks, the album is a unique listening experience that brings together the true sound and essence of Nigativ's work.
The "Endurance" record reflects Nigativ's deep emotional maturity and artistic wisdom. It's not just a collection of songs; each track here has been carefully selected, representing a special chapter in the artist's musical history.
Together, these tracks form a genuine musical portrait of Nigativ, revealing his unique creative approach and evolution as an artist. From thoughtful lyrical compositions to fierce rap battles, each track on "Endurance" earns its place in this remarkable collection.
The "Endurance" album is a great opportunity for both old and new fans of Nigativ to immerse themselves in his musical evolution and appreciate the breadth and depth of his artistry.
Side А
No Time
In Arms
Side B
To the Bottom
The Story of One Disease
All the Same
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"Life itself, with its ups and downs, changes, joys, and sorrows, affairs, and concerns, inspired me to create this vinyl record. Vinyl has an inimitable sound, unlike anything else, plus - hip-hop started with vinyl. These are tracks from different albums over the years, those that I still enjoy over time, those that I consider quite respectable."
Vladimir Afanasyev
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